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A Deferred Sales Trust™ is a smart and legal way to defer capital gains tax and reduce the overall tax burden on the sale of homes, commercial real estate, businesses, and other highly-appreciated assets.


Deferred Sales Trust



Retirement Income

Tax Deferral

Probate Avoidance

Estate Tax Benefits

Portfolio Diversification

Maintain Wealth

Does Not Compete with Charitable Remainder Trust

Eliminates Risks Associated with Ownership

Advantages of a Deferred Sales Trust

Legal, Tested, Proven Tax Strategy

  • Developed over 27 years ago

  • Successfully transacted over 4,000 DST transactions totaling hundreds of millions of dollars

  • 16 field audits by the IRS all resulting in “No-Change” Letters

  • 3 Formal IRS reviews – No adverse findings

  • Reviewed by FINRA and SEC with no adverse opinion – Allows broker-dealers to approve their advisors to participate in the DST Strategy for clients.

  • Our tax attorneys provide Audit Defense at no additional cost

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